Honjima 100th Anniversary Exhibit
800 Precious Pictures that Narrate Honjima's History

Wadaiko Honjima
5 Videos Commorating 34 Years of "Wadaiko Honjima"

Rev. Noboru Katayama Picture Gallery
190 Pictures Commemorating 20th Year Memorial of 4th Head Minister Rev. Noboru

Honjima Fife & Drum Corps
Footage of Oyasama 120th Anniversary Children's Pilgrimage. On-Parade Performance. Newly Added Grand Prix Award. Commemorative PR Video from year 2000!


Honjima News (Japanese version)
Honjima News No. 886 (Published July 10, 2017, 10 pages )
onthly. Most recent news about Honjima Grand Church. First published in 1929. Honjima Grand Church's journal boasting a history of approximately 80 years.
Photo Album(14pic.)
(May. 30. 2017)
Monthly Head Minister's Meeting Greeting from Rev. Kanta Katayama
(June. 22, 2017)

Honjima Grand Church Monthly Service Sermon
(June. 22, 2017)

Honjima Grand Church Construction (Japanese)
Sanctuary Completion 50th Anniversary Commemorative Video
Original Version:13'08"
(Oct 22, '12 Screening)

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